Cyber Insurance

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Understanding the importance of business insurance is a business lesson, far too many entrepreneurs  learn too late.  At Peter B. Crilly & Associates we’ve seen it too many times– only when unforeseen events happen and something is stolen or damaged, do new business owners realize  they should have invested in insurance for their companies.

One important coverage you may not be aware of is Cyber Insurance.IMG_6838 Cyber- crime is a growing threat to both large and small companies. You may think your business won’t be targeted, but criminals won’t care if you are an entrepreneur building a small business or launching a startup company. The funds you spend to invest in cyber security measures and damage/vandalism insurance is an expenditure you won’t regret.

At the Peter B. Crilly  Associates we offer commercial insurance packages that include cyber coverage to protect:

Data Breaches

Notification Costs

Credit Monitoring

Website Media Content

Costs to defend claims by state regulators

Cyber coverage plans for businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Our friendly agents can help put together a policy just for you. We’ll find one that is both affordable and reliable. Call us at 410-571-1771 or email

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