The Best Insurance for Classic Cars

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chevy55tm92905001You love your classic car.  Insurance to protect your collectible auto is important. Are you paying the lowest rate for the best coverage? At Peter B. Crilly & Associates, we offer special coverage for classic cars through a carrier that specializes in collector and classic car insurance. The benefit of classic car insurance includes lower rates and a replacement value built in to your policy, that takes into consideration that while a new car depreciates in value, a classic car  usually goes up in value.

In order  to qualify : 1) Your classic vehicle is not your daily use vehicle 2) Your vehicle should be stored in a private enclosed structure when not in use. (example: a garage) 3) The owner of the vehicle should have a good driving record and any listed drivers should have current auto insurance on a daily use vehicle.

Cars that have been modified with nitrous components, dune buggies, and cars used for camping, off-road or hauling are some of the types of cars that do not qualify for this special insurance. Want to find out more and receive a free quote. Give us a call at 410-571-1771 or 410-956-1111.


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