Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

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Your camera is one of the personal items  that can be covered by a rental insurance policy.

Moving into your own apartment or rental house for the first time? There’s a lot to keep straight: utility bills, mail delivery, internet access. The process can be overwhelming, but don’t forget you’ll need property insurance. As you unpack your possessions and set up your new home take an inventory of what you’ve moved into your new residence. Items such as an  expensive camera. laptop computer, jewelry, ski equipment, clothing, furniture are items of value that should be insured.

Renter’s Insurance covers your belongings (clothing, books, CDs, furniture – everything) not only in your apartment but in your locked car and anywhere else you take them. It protects your things against fire and other occurrences beyond your control—including vandalism and theft.

If you thought about it at all, you may have thought insurance was the responsibility of the landlord. It’s not. The landlord’s policy covers the building only. It’s a renter’s policy that will help pay for the replacement of all your personal items.

It will also pay for an attorney and protect you in case someone gets injured while in your apartment and/or you get sued if damage caused by you impacts neighboring apartments.

Peter B.  Crilly & Associates, Nationwide Insurance can help you determine the amount of coverage you need and provide you with a free renter’s insurance quote. Renter’s insurance will protect both  your belongings and your liability exposure.. We’ll help you sort it all out. As with auto insurance, we’re big on discounts. We’ll make sure you take advantage of any discounts that are available.

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