10 Reasons You Want to do Business with Peter B. Crilly & Associates

Looking to do business with the best insurance agency in Anne Arundel County?  We’ll give you ten good reasons why you should be talking with the friendly professionals at Peter B. Crilly and Associates Ltd. Nationwide Insurance. (Not particularly listed in order of importance.)

#1: Established 26 years ago, collectively our agents have over 100 years of insurance knowledge experience and that’s a lot of experience!

#2:  We have two offices: Annapolis and Edgewater. Open five days a week 9:00-5:30 we also see clients by appointment evenings and on Saturdays.


#3 Agent Kathy Gascon is one of the sharpest salespeople in the industry, adept at evaluating all your insurance options. Kathy is one of our Commercial Insurance specialists. Proficient in all types of insurance, Kathy gets it done. She’ll answer all your questions and shop for the best price.

#4 We are real people you can sit down with a talk to in person, not just a text message on a computer screen or a voice on the other end of the phone line.

#5. John Bloom, one of our life insurance experts will always greet you with a cheery hello there and a smile.

John#6  We don’t just sell one or two different kinds of insurance. We sell a full array of products that include, auto, home, life, annuities, liability, business, boat, farm… the list goes on and on.  And if we don’t sell what you need we can help you find it.

#7. Pam Lewis is our expert on Flood Insurance.  She can tell you everything you need to know about this complex insurance subject that impacts so many homes on both sides of the Chesapeake Bay.Pamelasmjpg

DLSmith#8  David L. Smith, our 2nd Commercial Insurance specialist. David joined us when we acquired the David A. Smith agency in Catonsville. Many people in Howard County know him as a devoted softball player as well as an umpire for adult Softball and Kickball leagues, An insurance professional with over 27 years of experience, he is also good a listening to clients and finding out what they need.

#9 Ashley Harris recently earned her Commercial Lines Customer Service (CLCS) designation and has direct experience in the bakery and food service industry. Licensed in Property and Casualty Insurance, she is happy to help with both personal and business insurance.

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#10 Peter B. Crilly loves dogs, and you know you can always trust someone who owns a dog and has the wisdom to hire so many wonderful employees.   Chloe is a Labradoodle and she loves to chase balls and hang out with people and other friendly dogs in her neighborhood.

Pete Chloe
Peter Crilly with his family dog Chloe.